Young Girl Found Roaming With Monkey Troops In Indian Jungle

A naked human girl of age about 10 or 12 years was found roaming with a troop of monkeys in an Indian forest. A group of woodcutters first spotted her and alerted authorities. When the police approached for rescue the monkeys surrounded in a protective way.

The police managed rescuing the ‘Mowgli Girl,’ as nicknamed by locals later, and sped away in patrol car while the monkeys chased.

For past two months she has been in a hospital in Indian state of Uttar Pradesh and doctors say the girl may have been raised by the monkeys for quite some time.

Initially after being rescued she was playing with the primates as if she has lived with the monkeys since infant.

Bahraich police officer Dinesh Tripathi said she had wounds all over her body when she arrived at the hospital and her nails as well as hair were unkempt like monkeys.

Chief medical superintendent at Bahraich District Hospital, D.K. Singh, said her eating habits were like that of an animal as she would throw the food on the ground and eat it directly with her mouth.

Singh added the little girl use to move around using her elbows and knees initially. She behaves like an ape.

The girl however can now understand signals and can identify nurse, word boy and other medical staff, continued Singh.