Why Rio 2016 Olympics Athletes, Tourists Not To Fear Zika In Brazil

Rio 2016 Olympics is just few days away amid fears of Zika virus epidemic that causes birth defects among the new born babies.

Why Rio 2016 Olympics Athletes, Tourists Not To Fear Zika In Brazil

The first birth defects were noticed in late 2015 in Brazil and the disease is found to show no symptoms in most of the cases. It is learned infections of pregnant women could lead to blindness, microcephaly, stillbirth of fetus or spontaneous abortion.

Lately it is reported the virus has affected all Latin American and Caribbean countries and World Health Organization (WHO) has declared it to be a public health emergency of international concern.

The month of August is winter in Southern Hemisphere and in such season the mosquitoes fail to transmit the infections to great extent even though they are active. This is the reason dengue too effect Rio in the months between March and June.

Considering the winter season the risk of Zika virus spread from mosquito is lower by about 60 percent.

Hence, there is nothing to worry so much about Zika outbreak this Olympics as it is regularly highlighted in media as well as social media.

Share your own views too and also other reasons, as there are few more, as to why the Zika virus would not infect the athletes and tourists in Brazilian capital Rio so much as it has been hyped for past couple of months. Use the below given comment box.