Which Are Best Places In Singapore To Catch Sunset

There are couple of best places in Singapore to catch the sunset and below are the top five:

Lower Pierce Reservoir

The views from the pavilion out on the pier are the perfect spot to enjoy the sunset with a loved one. You can sit and just soak in the peaceful ambiance of the reservoir, the water and the sunset.

Changi Boardwalk

There is a good reason why one segment of Changi Boardwalk is called ‘Sunset Walk’. It ends in a viewing deck that gives amazing views of the sunset. It’s usually quiet and has more than enough place to just sit and enjoy the beauty.

Punggol Waterway Park

Head towards ‘Sunset Strip’ and look for the ‘Jeweled Bridge’. There you can have a really romantic and good view of the sunset with your date. Though there might not be places to sit, but just standing along the rails of the bridge and taking in the breathtaking view as the sun drops into the waters is as good as any other experience.

Woodlands Waterfront

This is one of the few places where you can see the sun setting behind the city’s skyline. There are some benches to sit and enjoy the view or leaning against the railings will do just as well. Quiet and tranquil, it’s the perfect spot for some private romance in the dusk.

Ulu Pandan Reservoir

A jetty that leads out into the reservoir gives beautiful unblocked views of the sunset over the waters. Just standing there and soaking in the peace of the place makes a really romantic date. Pair it up with the sunset and you’ve got an unforgettable date.