Few things to do after facing disappointments .

Define success on your own terms. Unsuccessful is an illusory term, if you have a very committed ideas which means success to you, this would lead you  unhappiness again ahead in life as one    thing is assured  nothing is guaranteed in life.

Most importantly about the  things we want  to  make it happen, so why affix our feeling of self worth to things that probably might not happen, this dose not mean that we stop dreaming and working, it means that working with no guarantee of succeeding  ahead things might get worst, we need to  re-plan  setting some failure-proof precautions ahead. When we don’t win a competition, we switched our mind and start concentrating  within and outside of the attempt.

 we need to find the value in failure and  learn from defeats, if  we  don’t succeed on goal temporarily , we can set a  two choices of thought, either  we can think that  we failed on the event or  we can think that we learned something  valuable from  the  failure, which  we can apply in our  next  attempt  which would   create better chances of things going well ahead in life,   Michael Jordan said once that “I can accept failure, everybody fails at something but he can’t accept not trying.” after lots of failure he finally succeeded, with  only sole motif of never giving up.


There are many champions who were once a contender and  never refused to give up after they failed.  they kept utilizing  their experiences,things can  start being helpful, if we seek learning from it and with our intelligence make creative impact in our life

On the second part we get break down with our failures , knowing that  the constancy of purpose is really important for life changing impacts, getting  strucked  doing very least important things and especially not utilizing our failures lessons, at the same time  keep hope of things going well in future without working in a new approach is a futile.

There is no magical days  in life which can change us instantly, we  ourselves need to make a test and sort out, why did we fail, finding our our  weakness and working on it can bring us lasting happiness and success.

life will makes us  disappointed, regardless of our hard work, those moment things are not in our hand that is  why successful people  kept  trying after their failure  consistently, realizing  that life isn’t not guaranteed, there  can also be a cause of  our failure with whom we are competing, may be we don’t work to our best capability and try competing with the experts of the competition who train fully for the competition

People who are happy and work on their creative idea are much fortunate than other people, by sharing idea for bringing possibility.our reason for your failure could  probably be that we  missed  doing something  important which  would have made us reaching our goal.