What Is Good Hiking Clothes

Modern hiking clothes are made of newly developed materials with excellent properties which guarantee good comfort. Some of these properties are: warmth, weight, waterproof, windproof.

The welfare of you as a hiker

There are some reasons why people do not feel comfortable during a hiking. One of these reasons can be wrong clothes and/or equipment. Clothes made of good material contribute most in this case to the welfare of you as a hiker.

But what is good material?

Good material is that kind of stuff that has the utmost properties for a certain purpose. Try to find the materials with properties that fit well for your goals. For example during your hike you want to feel comfortable concerning temperature. There are 3 situations you have to take care of:

1. What will be the average temperature during the time you are walking?
2. What will be the lowest temperature during the time you are not walking; having a break.
3. What will be the highest temperature during the time you are moving?

For each of these three situations you need appropriate (number of layer) clothes in which you will not perspire and in which you are not cold. But because of the big change in circumstances you can experience, it is most of the time not possible to avoid perspiring. Therefore you need materials with the next properties:

• resist water from outside (rain) (waterproof)
• resist wind from outside (windproof)
• let perspiration vapour go out (breathable and fast drying)
• keep warmth inside (isolating)

Do note that good hiking clothes contribute in many ways to your entire comfort.