US Was Aware Ahead Of Time About 1994 Rwandan Genocide That Shook World

Washington was well aware about the Rwandan’s deadliest ethnicity violence ahead of time that shocked the world in 1994. Its allies in the Ugandan government is learned to have helped in spreading the terror and fueling ethnic hatred in the region.

The Rwandan genocide happened between April and July of 1994 that murdered hundreds and thousands of innocent people in Rwanda with simple tools like machetes, clubs and other blunt objects. People were also herded into buildings which were set aflame with kerosene.

The genocide was compared with that of Nazi’s Holocaust in its surreal brutality. Most of the victims in Rwanda were of minority Tutsi ethnicity. The killers were mostly the majority Hutus.

Some three and a half years before the incidence the rebel army of Rwanda comprising of Tutsi exiles invaded the country from neighboring Uganda where they were refugees. Called as the Rwandan Patriotic Front (RPF), the rebels were supplied with weapons and other supports by the Ugandan government, violating UN charter, Organization of African Unity rules, several Rwandan ceasefire as well as peace agreements, and also the repeated promises of the Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni.

During the same period the US embassy in Kampala is learned being aware of the activities on the border of Uganda and Rwanda as well as the growing strength of the rebels. It was understood by the CIA that widespread ethnic violence would soon take place and hundreds of thousands of people might be killed.

United States ignored the activities and support of Uganda to the rebels and also hailed Museveni as a peacemaker during the genocide months.