Uber May Ban You From Riding If Community Guidelines Not Followed

The Uber drivers will be able to tell some of the worst passenger stories including vomiting and screaming in the back seat. One story even reveals how a driver ended up with a bullet in his car. He unknowingly took a passenger to drug deal area.

With all these becoming a bit common, Uber has come up with new community guidelines and below are some of the important points to note that could make rider lose access to their accounts.

If the rider damages the property of driver like breaking or vandalizing a phone, vomiting due to excessive alcohol consumption and intentionally spilling food or drink in the cab could lead to ban.

Even if the passengers make physical contact inside the cab, Uber may ban such riders from booking. The passengers are not to have physical contact with the driver too.

Abusive language or gestures are now banned inside Uber cabs. This may lead to losing of account. This mean riders now can’t ask overly personal questions to the riders, cannot use verbal threats and can’t make gestures that are sexual, disrespectful, aggressive and discrimination.

Passengers can’t even break the local law like carrying open containers of alcohol or drugs into the cab, asking drivers to break traffic laws, using the vehicle for committing a crime and large groups boarding that exceed the number of seat belts.