Uber For Women Launching On April 19

Uber has been lately getting lot of attentions and mostly on the negative parts, but now the company has come up with a new women-only ride-sharing service dubbed as Chariot for Women.

Uber For Women Launching On April 19

Launching on April 19, women will have their own Uber and the thanks goes to a former Uber driver Michael Pelletz who had a revelation when he felt threatened by a passenger.

On the official website of the company the former driver wrote, “What if I was a woman?”

Pelletz said the service of his ride-sharing service will be much safer and this is due to more stringent background checks as well as to ensure riders correctly match with the respective drivers.

He added the Chariots for Women will pick up children under 15 too regardless of gender and also transwomen. The company will be donating two percent of each fare to charity.

Pelletz mentioned further, “We want to show there’s inequality in safety in our industry… We hope to go to the US Supreme Court to say that if there’s safety involved, there’s nothing wrong with providing a service for women.”

However, it is yet to see whether legally the Chariots for Women can survive as it may face gender discrimination lawsuits and this may be difficult to win.

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