Trump Team Rewriting Executive Order Of Travel Ban

The travel ban has been rewritten and it is hope the new version will stand up in court.

The previous version of barring foreign nationals from Iran, Iraq, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Libya and Yemen was halted by multiple federal courts across the country.

The ban in details was like restrict entry for 90 days, but all refugees for 120 days and all refugees from Syria indefinitely.

US District Court Judge Leonie Brinkema said in one of the hearings in January there’s no new evidence that people from the mentioned Muslim-majority countries has perpertrated a terrorist attack in the United States.

The executive order of Trump also is discriminating based on religion against Muslims.

The Virginia attorney general’s office said the ban is also hurting student enrollment and faculty recruitment too at the public universities.

About 60,000 visas were revoked after the executive order was passed, but a federal judge in Seattle blocked applicable sections of the order and hence those were forced to reverse the cancellation.