Top Tips How To Lead Healthy Life (Part II)

Top Tips How To Lead Healthy Life (Part I)

Sleep well

Proper sleep is required. Improper sleep may lead to weight gain. It is suggested to sleep 7 to 8 hours a day. Remember that a good night sleep leads to better productivity. It also helps in improving concentration.

On the other hand poor sleep may lead to heart stroke and affects glucose metabolism adversely. It also reduces insulin sensitivity in the body.

Keep sex life active

Even active sex life adds to healthy living. It helps in burning calories and improves mood. It helps in relieving tensions too. It enhances immune system. A research reveals active sex life even lowers risk of developing prostate cancer.

Science says sex performs full body workout. It uses 657 muscles and promotes good sleep. It also makes an individual look younger.


You should always be aware of your health irrespective of age and remain proactive about fitness. The rewards to the efforts will be better than what you expect. Believe me.