Top 4 Helpful Office Apps For Android, iOS Devices

Access desktop from anywhere with LogMeIn

The wildly popular LogMeIn does exactly what its name suggests. It logs you in, it gives you constant access to your desktop and allows you to control your PC or Mac directly from your smartphone or tablet. All you need is a connection and you’ll be able to remotely control your computer just like you normally would. LogMeIn Pro comes with features like HD video and sound streaming, file transferring and integration with cloud storage services.

Send reminders with Post-it PopNotes

Some things never change, like the universal love of Post-its. But since paper notes are quickly becoming a thing of the past, the brand created a Post-it app that offers far more frills than its old stick-on version. You can sketch, doodle and type out messages on a variety of colors and then virtually place them wherever you like. Post-it also allows you to share your notes with other users.

Personal assistant with TripIt Pro and OpenTable

If you’ve ever had to book a trip for your boss, you know how much extra work it can be. TripIt for iOS and Android will scan Gmail accounts every few hours for new itinerary information and then push it into your boss’ calendar so you don’t need to worry about creating packets of travel information, or including it in calendar applications. Even better, the Pro version will notify you of delays, gate changes and connection gates so you won’t need to bother monitoring that information for your needy boss. On the same note, when you need to set up dinner reservations, OpenTable’s app makes it a cinch. You can search by city and then find something based on cuisine and/or reviews. If you already know the venue, simply type it in and pick a time.

Take a break and let off some steam with Office Jerk

This popular procrastination app has already seen over 20 million downloads worldwide. The idea is that you get to take your frustration out on the biggest jerk in the. Basically you get a list of several items to throw at your target, including well-chewed pink bubble gum, an angry beehive, yesterday’s best mobile phone, and cupcakes, among other things. You simply grab an item and fling it right at the jerk’s head, shoulder, or whatever body part seems the most frail