Tips To Relieve Your Infant Of Constipation

It will surely kill you, literally, when you find your infant with constipation issues, you feel so helpless. There are so many reasons that cause constipation especially when introducing solid foods to them for the first time. If they have already been eating some solid foods then the constipation could be due to a low fiber diet.

Methods to help relieve constipation:

1. Massage your baby’s tummy. Gently massage the tummy in a downward motion starting up toward the chest and working your way down toward the thighs.

2. Give him/her a warm bath. It is believed that giving your infant a warm bath will make them relax their body and that will get their bowels moving again.

3. Do bicycle legs. While your baby is laying on his/her back, hold the legs in the air like in a bicycle position and then move the legs in the motion of riding a bike. This also helps to relieve a gassy baby.

4. Juice him/her up. Dilute juices, such as prune juice, grape, or apple juice with water and have them drink this about 2 or 3 times a day.

5. High fiber foods. Give him/her baby foods that are high in fiber such as apricots, peas, spinach, prunes, pears and these can be made yourself also.