Shoulder Dislocation Injury Can Be Treated Without Surgery

Surgery may not be required in near future for shoulder injuries such as dislocation of acromio-clavicular joint. One of the studies conducted earlier suggest it may be cured by using physical therapy.

Several orthopedic surgeons claim their patients who wore slings and had rehabilitation recovered faster compared to other patients who didn’t opt such treatment.

However, it is also seen in the study those who opted for surgery felt better in terms of the looks of their shoulder following the procedure.

In surgery plate and screws are used to reconnect the joint.

Details of the study are found in the latest issue of Journal of Orthopaedic Trauma. It writes the non-surgical treatment resulted with faster mobility and reduced complications.

Orthopedic surgeon with St. Michael’s Hospital, Dr. Michael McKee, said even though surgery is the common practice to treat acromio-clavicular joint dislocation injury, but it is not evident the treatment is the best.

The acromio-clavicular joint is located at the top portion of shoulder between collarbone and shoulder blade.

The researchers studied 83 patients with the injury. About half of them opted for surgery and the remaining for non-surgery treatment.

After three months of follow up of the treatments it was found 75 percent of the patients who underwent non-surgical treatment were able to return back to work.

Among those who underwent surgery, only 43 percent of the patients were able to return to work.