Scientists Experiments Mind Reading Through Brain Interface

In a new study conducted by University of Washington (UW) researchers have tried to link up two brains directly to allow one participant to guess what is in another participant’s mind.

It is an experiment in which words and signs are not exchanged. Instead, the information is purely traveled from brain-to-brain directly. It is not dreams and not also science-fiction flicks. It is being tried in real world.

The brain-to-brain interfaces is valuable as this may one day help patients with brain damage to communicate if cannot speak or send other signals.

According to researchers Andrea Stocco and Rajesh Rao, their latest study is the most complex brain-to-brain experiment done in humans.

Stocco is an assistant professor of psychology at the university.

Five pairs of participants were placed in dark rooms of two labs miles apart. Twenty rounds of question and answer game were played to conduct the study. All were made to communicate only through direct link up without using clues.

Details of the study are published in the latest issue of PLOS One journal.

In 2013 too the team experimented with brain connectivity, but it was limited to one person’s mind remotely connecting with another person’s hand movements.

Now the researches are trying to explore possibility of brain tutoring like transferring of signals from healthy brain to the one which is impacted by external factors such as stroke or accident, or is developmentally impaired.