Review – Amazon’s Echo

Will the Amazon’s Echo to make sense for you after you buy it is a big question and here I will explain why to get this connected device that combines Bluetooth speaker with the abilities of Siri.

The 9.25-inch tall cylinder gadget is priced tagged $179.99. The first impression is of course to wow you if compared to other voice recognition devices.

In brief the device is a voice-activated personal assistant for home and you may ask it questions like sports scores, read books from Audible and even to tell terrible jokes. I have seen people asking it to read morning news when it wakes up.

The Echo is linked to Amazon Prime Music to play any music available in users’ personal Amazon music library or even from the free music segment for the Prime members. Believe me, the sound quality of the speakers is incredible.

You can also stream music from other radio apps including Pandora, iHeartRadio and TuneIn.

The device also works as a Bluetooth speaker for smartphones and this will help you to stream music from such music apps that Amazon has not facilitated as of now.

After your order the device arrives in a single box and it will take just five minutes to set up. Simply plug it first and then download the Amazon Echo app. Some Echo may not come with remote control and you need to buy one separately.

Echo is easy to use and of course a good-enough personal assistant for the price you pay.