Researchers Discover Way To Predict Ageing Pace

Is your body ageing faster? It is not easy to know until now, but researchers have come up with a new way how to test it to know whether the ageing is in usual process or going on badly.

Researchers from King’s College London say they can now even predict when a person will die. The new way can also identify high-risk of dementia.

The new test may affect insurance as well as medicine and pensions. Details of the finding are published in the Genome Biology. However, there is no way mentioned about how to slow down the ageing process.

The researchers say biological age is more useful in assessing ageing instead of date of birth.

In the tests scientists look for ageing signature in the cells of one’s body and then compare it with the behavior of 150 genes.

According to Professor Jamie Timmons of King’s College London, healthy ageing signature is common in the tissues. After age of 40 the guidelines of the test shows how well one is ageing.

Professor added health and age are two different things. He said lifestyle factors like spending all day on sofa may not lead to ageing but it could lead to bad health.

Experts say the test may be very useful in predicting the onset of dementia