Proven Tips To Increase Metabolism Naturally

Your metabolism increases naturally and easily without taking the latest unsubstantiated pill when you provide the correct enhancement. Human metabolism can change for various reasons, such as age, hormones or undernutrition, the consumption of not enough calories. Proper nutrition, exercise and a few lifestyle adjustments will naturally enhance the metabolism. If this is your goal, you may find your lifestyle needs anywhere from some tweaking, to a complete over-haul.

Drink Water

Drink a ½ ounce of water for every pound of body weight to be sufficiently hydrated. Proper hydration encourages a well functioning digestive tract, and this leads to a metabolism that burns like a furnace as opposed to a lit match.

Water cleanses the system and moves waste out. When you are dehydrated you get constipated causing toxins to build up. Adequate water consumption keeps the digestive tract flowing along working and burning calories.

Green Tea Enhances Metabolism

A 12 week study conducted by Provident Clinical Research and Meridien research discovered after ingesting 625 mg of green tea their subjects lost abdominal fat. This is from the catechins in green tea which are a type of antioxidant in the leaves of the tea plant Camellia Sinensis. Green tea plucked when it is young hasn’t oxidized yet. This in turn makes exercise more effective and increases metabolism. (see Journal of Nutrition source)

Add Coconut to Increase Metabolism

Coconut is anti-bacterial; anti- fungal, anti-viral, and a metabolism booster because it aids in the functioning of the thyroid and production of enzymes. Athletes use coconut oil in their drinks because it builds on the body’s endurance and is processed more as a carbohydrate then as a fat. Carbohydrates are the bodies preferred energy source.

To receive the full affects of coconut oil you need to consume about 4 tablespoons a day it can be added to coffee, smoothies or in place of other oils. Coconut oil or whole coconut needs to be ingested over a period of time to become effective. It needs to build up the body’s supply of nurturing fatty acids.

Lift Weights to Enhance Metabolism

Lean muscle mass burns more calories than very little muscle mass. When you add a weight lifting or resistance work-out to your exercise regime you aide your metabolism by giving your body more muscle which will continue to burn calories even when you aren’t working out. If two people weigh the same but one is more muscular than the other, the more muscular person can consume more calories and maintain their weight.