Probiotic Bacteria Helps Reducing Infection In Newborns: Study

Hundreds and thousands of newborns can be saved each year with the newest and inexpensive treatment found by scientists in the United States and India.

The researchers say the probiotic bacteria found in common pickles, kimchi and other fermented vegetables is the secret weapon in saving the newborns from deadly infection.

Details of the finding have been published in the Nature journal and it writes feeding the newborns with the microbes reduces risk of developing sepsis, which is a top killer of newborns across the world and leaves over 600,000 babies dead each year due to blood infections.

Pediatrician from University of Nebraska Medical Center College of Public Health, Dr. Pinaki Panigrahi, said after developing sepsis the babies stop being active all of a sudden like it stops breastfeeding and crying.

Dr. Panigrahi led the study. He has been working on how to prevent sepsis for about twenty years. He added the baby even dies before reaching hospital and in India babies dying of sepsis is not so rare.

His team screened nearly 300 strains in preliminary animal as well as human studies and found the most promising was strain of Lactobacillus plantarum misolated from the diaper. He thereafter expanded the study on thousands of babies in rural India and shockingly found those babies who ate microbes for a week had a dramatic reduction in death risk due to sepsis.

The team even found probiotic bacteria also reduced several other infections like those in the lungs.