Paris Attacker Salah Abdeslam Transferred From Belgium To France

Salah Abdeslam has now been transferred to France by Belgium authorities. He is the only surviving attacker of the Paris attacks last year on November 13 that killed 129 people and injured 300 more.

Paris Attacker Salah Abdeslam Transferred From Belgium To France

The 26-year-old French citizen of Moroccan ancestry living in Belgium is also believed to be connected to last month’s Brussels attacks at an airport and a subway station that killed 32 people and injured 100 others.

The extradition process was simplified between the two European Union countries as Salah was subject of a European arrest warrant.

Belgian federal prosecutor’s office released a statement saying, “No further information will be given concerning the exact time or the circumstances of his transfer.”

The Paris prosecutor’s office said the terror attacker would be presented before an investigative judge on Wednesday.

The French justice minister said he would be held in isolation and to be guarded by team specialized in detention of dangerous people.

Salah Abdeslam managed fleeing from France after the Paris attack to Belgium’s Brussels city. He later got arrested on March 18, after four-month international manhunt.

He and his brother Ibrahim Abdeslam ran a bar in his hometown Brussels.

Ibrahim detonated a suicide vest on November 13 in Paris attacks inside the Comptoir Voltaire cafe.