Overdose Of B6, B12 Vitamins Lead To Cancer: Study

In one of the latest studies it is learned high doses of vitamin B6 and B12 supplements could lead to lung cancer.

Researchers found about 40 percent risk of lung cancer was increased among those who takes vitamins from supplements and not from diet or multivitamins.

Study author Theodore Brasky found the association was highest among current smokers who far exceeded the recommended daily amounts of the vitamins.

Brasky is an epidemiologist in the division of cancer prevention and control at the ohio State University College of Medicine. He added, “If you look at B-vitamin supplement bottles… they are anywhere between 50-fold the US recommended dietary allowance (to) upward of 2,100-fold.”

It is learned the current male smokers consume highest levels of vitamin B6.

The researchers studied about 77,000 adults in Washington who were in the age group of 50 to 76. More than 93 percent of the subjects were white and these included 139 cases of lung cancer.

Among the nonsmokers the lung cancer cases were very few.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reveals in United States cigarette smoking is a factor of lung cancer by about 80 to 90 percent.

Brasky continued, “When we’re talking about what to be concerned about most: If you’re a male smoker and you want to take B vitamins, you can stop smoking.”

Vitamin B12 is found in eggs, milk and meat while B6 comes from fruits, chicken, beef, cereals and starchy vegetables.