Most US Food Chains Raises Livestock On Antibiotics: Survey

Americans who eat fast food mostly are always at health threats and antibiotic resistance is one among the listed top 5 threats, says the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

A report reveals over 2 million Americans get infections every year which aer antibiotics resistant and about 23,000 die out of such infections.

The problem is further contributed with the use of antibiotics in animal rearing. It is usual trend to fatten up the livestock with drugs. This is done to prevent illness too. But these practice lead to the rise of superbugs resistant to drugs that otherwise would be able to kill those.

To address to the issue, some of the popular fast food chains and meat suppliers in the US have pledged to stop the unhealthy practise and use fewer antibiotics.

Lately, a new report has come up to analyze 25 such major fast food and fast-casual restaurants to check how they coping up with the promise made.

Only Chipotle and Panera have received an A grade on the report card. Both do not use antibiotics and it is found most of the meat that is sourced by Chipotle is free of antibiotics.

Panera claims all the pork and chicken they raise are without antibiotics.

In the B grade is Chick-fil-A. They have pledged to make their livestock grow free of antibiotics by 2019. Earlier this year, only 20 percent of their chicken found to be abiding by the standard.

In the C grade is McDonald’s and Dunkin’ Donuts.

The remaining are in the F grade which includes Burger King, KFC, Denny’s Domino’s and Papa John’s Pizza.