More Sex Is Better In Increasing Conceiving Chances: Study

Researchers have lately come up with a theory more sex is better to increase pregnancy chances as sexual activity causes body in promoting a kind of immunity that is said to support conception.

Tierney Lorenz from Kinsey Institute at Indiana College in the US led the study. She said answers have been found why it is suggested to couples attempting to conceive to have intercourse even throughout non-fertile durations.

She said the immune systems of sexually active women get prepared to the possibilities of pregnancy with regular sex.

Details of the finding are published in the Fertility and Sterility journal and also in the Physiology and Behavior journal.

She collected data across the menstrual cycle in more than two dozen women. Half of the women were sexually active and the remaining was sexually abstinent.

In one of the journals the author said sexually active women experienced greater changes in helper T cells and also in the proteins that is used by the T cells to communicate.

In the other journal she reported about the differences in antibody levels between sexually active women and sexually abstinent.

The antibodies (immunoglobulins) help in fighting off foreign invaders in the body. It is secreted by white blood cells. The Helper T cells on the other hand manages the immune response of the body. Its mechanism is to activate the cells responsible for destroying the invading microbes.