Microsoft Word, PowerPoint To Introduce Auto Description Writing For Photos

Microsoft’s World and PowerPoint applications will become simpler one step further in 2017. Descriptions of photos will be written automatically.

The software giant announced the new potentiality of its Word and PowerPoint revealing the Office 365 subscribers will see the new feature first on their PCs.

Usually dropped a photo into PowerPoint asks for typing an “Alt Text” title and description, but everyone does it while making slide decks. This makes difficult for a blind person to understand what is going on in the picture.

Accessibility lead and partner director of program management for Microsoft’s Office Engineering team John Jendrezak said, “Through machine learning, this service will keep improving as more people use it.”

Adding further in a blog post he said right-click on a photo and selecting the “Automatic Alt Text” feature will enable auto title and description for a photo in Word and PowerPoint.

Microsoft further reveals a type of artificial intelligences (AI) called deep learning is used in the technology that recognizes objects in photos and then come up with the best words for those.

2017 would be the beginning of deep learning era in the tech world and companies like Google, Facebook and Twitter are learned working on it.

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