Looking For Local Nightlife? Follow Wertago App

Wertago is an app for the Android platform that provides you with nightlife related details for wherever you are or want to go. This app provides you with a decent amount of options and information, plus the ability to customize your own profile to make everything much easier.

Once you register, you can build your profile, add friends, receive mail, and select favorites. If you choose not to register, you’ll have to stick to Top Picks, the GO! button, Search, and the Suggested Venue. This isn’t so bad if you’re not sure how committed you want to be to another social network.

On the main page there are plenty of different buttons for you to dig through if you want, but the giant GO! button makes it pretty clear that you should press it. Once you press the GO! button, you’ll be brought to a search page. This will auto populate with locations around you ranging from closest to furthest away. If you want to find a specific type of place, you can open the filter option and select terms that you find appealing.

Unfortunately, a simple search for 18+ and hot girls returned no results. Hopefully, as more people use this app we’ll see it become more accurate. Or perhaps there’s no 18+ places with hot girls where I’m staying in New Jersey.