Kenyan Doctors Urge Tanzania To Delay Deployment Of 500 Doctors To Kenya

The Kenyan doctors have urged the Medical Association of Tanzania (MAT) to delay for about two months the deployment of its 500 doctors that was agreed earlier with the country.

The Kenya Medical Practitioners, Pharmacists and Dentists Union (KMPDU) said the government is yet to sign two crucial documents with them even after the more than three months strike was lifted.

The Return to Work Formula and the Collective Bargaining Agreement was agreed between the government and KMPDU, but yet to be implemented and hence the doctors colleagues across the borders are reqursted to wait.

In a letter sent to MAT President Obadia Nyoongole, the Secretary-General Ouma Oluga said for past two years the Kenyan doctors have not had it easy.

He added, “The Kenyan doctors have struggled to be employed by the Kenyan government, forcing a number to be rejected due to what the Kenyan government and the ministry of health termed as budget constraints.”

Oluga continued there are many Kenyan doctors who are waiting to be employed in the public service in the country.