Jupiter Police Releases Dashcam Video Of Tiger Woods Arrest Under DUI

tiger woods

Jupiter police released Wednesday the dashcam video of Tiger Woods arrest.

The footage is prior to the golfer’s arrest under DUI charge at 3 a.m. on Monday. It shows Tiger confused about his location and unsteady through a field sobriety test.

The video backs police report that reveals Tiger was slow and slurred in speech and he also struggled with some of the roadside tasks.

The police report also added Tiger was unsure about where he is going and from where he is coming. He first said coming from Los Angeles and was heading to Orange County. Later he said don’t have idea where he was.

In the footage the officer is heard saying Tiger to tie his left shoe, instead he put forward his right leg on the car.

He was even unable to follow a light with his eyes as a task and couldn’t walk straight on the white line. He was finding difficult to balance himself while standing.

Tiger Woods was arrested in Jupiter, Florida, on early Monday, at around 3 a.m. After about eight hours in custody he was released and a statement from him says he was not on alcohol the night, but reaction of medication perplexed him on the route.

However, the police had even mentioned in the report to have found smell of alcohol from the test.