Is Bad Behavior Reason For Being Child Abuse Victim

There is no doubt that there is an epidemic, legions that have suffered child abuse and are suffering the lingering effects in their adult lives. But too many people, criminals and now celebrities, have resorted to blaming their bad behavior on being molested. I am not going to say that some of these claims are not warranted, but it is becoming the mantra for explaining any and everything. Case in point, let’s take the example of Jesse James, Sandra Bullock’s ex husband, who blamed his wandering eyes on being abused as a boy.

Well, this should not be the reason for cheating on his spouse. Men and women cheat because they are selfish, because they think they can have their cakes and eat them too.

How come, one cannot use the child abuse excuse in divorce proceedings? I mean is it not Jesse James fault?

The wise Biblical sage Solomon said that there is nothing new under the Sun. His father David cheated with his mother (Bathsheba), but I never heard anything of the young David being abused. Today’s cheating in fact seldom has anything to do with whether the cheaters were abused, but it has to do again with selfishness. If there is someone out there who don’t agree or agree less can feel free to voice their opining on the issue in below given comment box. It will be an added information for fellow readers.