In Terms Of Trade UK Will Be World Leader: Theresa May

United Kingdom will be a world leader in terms of trade, said British Prime Minister Theresa May to the leaders at World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, warning inequality blamed on globalization was aiding the politics of division.

A day before the European Union leaders said a post-Brexit trade deal with Britain would be difficult.

Withdrawal of Britain from the bloc would be bad for UK as well as for EU, said Pierre Moscovici, the European Commissioner for Economic Affairs.

BBC assistant political editor Norman Smith said he never expected May could emphasis on the downside of globalization and implicit criticism of the international elite as well.

In her speech the PM said, “Talk of greater globalisation can make people fearful. For many it means their jobs outsourced and their wages undercut. It means having to sit back as they watch their communities change around them.”

Meanwhile, it is learned May would be meeting United States President-elect Donald Trump in Washington in the spring.

Late last month she had sent her joint chiefs of staff to Washington and New on a secret mission. This mean the groundwork for her meet with US President is in progress.

British economist Andrew Lilico said Trump is looking ahead Britain to undergo successful Brexit process so that they can support a trade deal with the country.