How To Undo Gmail Mails Just Sent

Sometimes you may shoot an email with errors, and resending another email with apology is something not very professional. In such situation what you can do is not known, but if you are on Gmail, there’s way to it.

In Gmail there is a feature with which you can undo the sent mail. Users get a lag time of 10 to 30 seconds to retrieve the sent email.

How to activate undo sent email feature

The process is simple. You need to get into Settings option first and then under ‘General’ category you get the option as ‘Undo Send.’ Click on it enabling the feature and set the time duration between 10 and 30 seconds. It is done.

How to undo sent email

After you shoot a mail, a yellow bar appears on top of the inbox asking you to undo the mail. Clicking on it will cancel the sending.

Cons of undoing sent email

You need to be quick enough to undo the sent email. You cannot do it after 30 seconds.

When did Google launched undo sent email feature

The feature has been around since the experimental Lab version of 2009.

There are many more experimental features in Gmail such as increasing the inbox number to show 100 emails on the home page and ability to open multiple Gmail accounts from single account even if all the other accounts have different passwords.

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