How To Resist Petya Ransomware Infection

The Petya ransomware locked down tons and tons of computers in several countries on Tuesday, mostly the European businesses and individuals.

Security experts have urged everyone not to pay ransom to the online criminals who have attacked the computers with the so called Petya malacious malware.

Here are few tips about how to keep your computers safe from such ransomware in future:

– Keep your computers updated with the latest Microsoft software as the attackers use the same vulnerability.

– Anti-virus companies including Bitdefender, McAfee and Kaspersky have detected such ransomware and stopped it from further spreading. So update your anti-virus with latest patch.

– Also ensure all the connected computers are using the latest patch of Microsoft Windows software. It is to note that the Petya ransomware spreads from one computer to another even if the other computers are updated.

– If you have not yet connected your computer to the work’s network, just wait for some more time for the all-clear today. The Petya ransomware can infect your computer from such types of networks too.

– Avoid opening any such suspicious email attachments. Open those only if you believe to have come from reliable source.

– If your computer is infected, the first thing to do is to restore it from a backup. You may not be able to recover the files from the same computer as Petya ransomware overwrites and encrypts the master boot record of the machine.