How To Remain Fit And Healthy After Middle Age

Don’t eat too much of salt as it is linked with poor heart health. A study reveals 10 percent of deaths in the United States are connected to it. Take a note that too much of sodium and too little potassium raises blood pressure. Cut sodium bombs from your diet like eat less bread, processed food and cheese. Add to your diet more of leafy greens and do include banana as it is good source of potassium.

To reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s disease experts suggest to include whole grains, vegetables, beans, nuts, salad, berries, chicken and fish in your diet. Experts also suggest to eat healthy fats.

To keep the bones strong after age fifty it is suggested to include fermented foods and dairy products with live active enzymes in your diet. Know that osteoporosis is also a disease for man if you believe it is linked only with women. You too lose bone mass after middle age. Supplemental calcium and probiotics are important in diet.

One research suggests even deaths occur due to too much intake of sugary soft drinks. In men such soda drinks increase the risk for prostate cancer. You may also gain weight and risk yourself of diabetes. To flavor your water you can add some lemon, little fizz with carbonated water or simply some berries.