How To Keep Good Health Working In 9 To 9 Office

Are you working in an MNC? If yes, you may feel the pain the office takes the whole day of yours. If you are new joinee, probably you work for 12 hours, from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Experts suggest to lead a healthy lifestyle though it is never recommended to make a total lifestyle makeover immediately, in a day or two.

Doctors urge to have a proper balance of vitamins and proteins. Let the sunlight to fall on your skin too as you will get vitamin D from it. This will keep you active and happy throughout the day.

It is also recommended to walk everywhere like when you are on a phone call or take stairs instead of elevator. If the office is nearby from your place, it is better to walk to office.

Don’t miss fruits from your diet. It is necessary to stay healthy. It would be good if you can eat at least one fruit every day.

Always remember that smoking will not do good to your body. Try to quit it forever.

Drink lot of water at regular interval and not simply whenever you fell thirsty. Do note that water is an elixir for good health, good hair and of course good skin. It is better than the expensive products you use for your face, hair and body.

Do get adequate amount of sleep as it leads to good health. Don’t take less than eight hours of sleep. Also, your productivity will increase with increased sleep.