How To Deal With Kids Without Banning Technology, Devices

This is an era of technology and you cannot bar your kids from using it. Below are some tips from experts how to make the younger ones deal with the devices, responsibly and in a positive way:

Prepare yourself

It is very important to do your own homework before guiding your child. If you are in dark, you may make poor decisions. You need to find out yourself what is technology and what are its benefits. Become a tech savvy first before educating your kids. It is to take note that the more you know, the better you can help your younger ones.

Device ban not an answer

Banning devices for your child will never help and this would be one of the greatest mistakes in your life. Child will be attracted more towards the internet if you ban the devices and probably they will eliminate all the positive benefits of it. It is suggested to help your child find a way to interact with technology and let them understand what is healthy out of it.

Become a role model

It is highly urged to become a good role model for your kids. They tend to catch on your habits at home. Don’t make them obsessed with the technology devices. Spend time with them guiding them how to interact with technology. Spend some time on social media sites too and make them understand how to use it responsibly.


Giving your child the time for spending on screen helps them to learn several things. Show them some good videos that can teach like how to draw or how to understand school subjects.