Healthy Kidney Decreases Heart Disease Risk: Study

A recent research shows that kidney damage tests are the best way to indicate a heart problem rather than regular common blood pressure and cholesterol tests. These days doctors also believe that the kidney test results are much more useful than the age old BP Tests.

This research was conducted over 637,000 patients who have heart problem. It was found that waste product in the blood and albumin that leaks from the kidney actually helps to recognize heart problem. So this is major information, that a healthy kidney indicates a healthy heart.

Kunihiro Matsushita, MD, PhD, an assistant scientist in the Bloomberg School’s Department of Epidemiology and lead author of the study, said blood pressure and cholesterol levels tests are good indicators of cardiovascular risk, but those lack perfection and the finding tells them to do even better with information that often times we are already collecting.

This research thus shows that chronic kidney disease is much more vulnerable to increase the rate of heart disease than any healthy kidney. Half of the population suffering from acute kidney problem dies because of the heart problems .So there is a connection between heart disease and kidney disease. Whenever a patient finds out he/she have a heart problem they should opt for a kidney checkup, and vice-verse. In this way they can take necessary precautions and measures to save themselves acute heart or kidney problem.