Gut Bacteria Has An Answer If You Are Obese: Study

In a new study researchers from University Medical Center Groningen, Netherlands, have found the secrecy of losing weight. They say gut bacteria may help as those can affect the levels of blood lipids and influence weight loss outcomes, risk of cardiovascular disease (CVD) development and blood cholesterol status.

Couple of earlier studies found the gut bacteria are linked to heart conditions occurrence too as it combined with the host may control mechanisms of immune as well as the metabolic systems.

Microbes residing in gut are helpful in food digestion and also in keeping the bad bugs at bay.

The study was led by Jingyuan Fu, PhD, and details of it are published in the Circulation Research journal of the American Heart Association. About 900 people participated in the study by providing their fecal and blood samples, which were genetically sequenced for the microbial material.

Fu is an associate professor of genetics at Groningen. He said, “We can intervene with bacterial populations in the future because the microbiome can be targeted for treatment with probiotics or medicine.”

Researchers found 34 unique bacterial sequences linked to BMI (body mass index) and blood lipid levels. Those were calculated for the amount of variation to affect BMI and lipid levels.

The new study now comes with proof the gut bacteria are linked to good cholesterol and triglycerides levels.