Great Tips To Make Handmade Birthday Cards

Buying birthday cards is the least, one would think of these days. They’re available online, so why spend time and money? We’re so dependent on technology at present that using our hands to create some tangible thing seems like a major task. Perhaps, this kind of thinking needs to be changed.

One thing is for sure, handmade items are more appealing than the ones sent electronically. Likewise, if someone close to you is going to blow the candles anytime soon, a handmade birthday card along with a nice present will be a treat. It doesn’t take anything special to prepare one; you can make beautiful birthday cards from things, present at home.

Let’s have a look at the material you can use to make handmade birthday cards.
• Blank printing papers
• Paper cards
• Colors (pencils, crayons and paints)
• Markers and gel pens
• Stickers
• Ribbons and Swirls
• Fabric bits
• Glitter
• Broken jewelry
• Buttons
• Sequins and beads
• Newspaper and magazine cutouts
• Rubber Stamps
• Printables available on internet
• Photographs
• Recycled material

Many of these resources can be found at home and the internet is flooding with ideas you can use to make amazing birthday cards. A beginner’s idea is to paste magazine alphabet cutouts on a folded card and write a birthday message inside. You can also cut out round ended paper cards and paste flowers, created with fabric at the center, sprinkling a bit of glitter. Such kind of birthday cards is fabulous for girls. There are also some tools you will need, at hand, in making cards.

• Scissors
• Glue
• Masking Tape
• Thread (optional)
• Ruler (optional)
• Pencil (optional)
• Cutters (optional, should be used with extreme care)

If you’re into traditional stuff, take a colored plain paper card and stamp the paper with a wooden stamp (use ones that have floral or geometrical designs). Fold the card and punch holes close to the fold. Pass through a colored ribbon and tie a knot at the center. This idea relates to the Asian tradition, but if you don’t want to go through the hassle of drawing, coloring and stamping, you can use free printables, to prepare birthday cards, available on the internet. Print them in color, or black and white, using your imagination to create a masterpiece.

What’s great is that printables of various birthday cards are available for different birthday occasions (year-wise and relations-wise). You can also find wonderful birthday messages to employ that are warm and loving.