From Whom Not To Take Financial Advice (Part I)

Money management is one of the toughest things in anyone’s life as a wrong calculation may lead to financial disaster. Amid such challenging situation it is suggested to take financial advice from a professional in the industry and avoid others who may voluntarily turn up with their surprising ideas. Below are such personalities from whom you should never take financial advice.

Broke friend

Never take financial advice from such a person who is in worse financial shape than you, even if the person is your good friend. The only lesson you will learn from such person is what not to do with the money you have.

It is to note that money management is about choice and you need to know properly how to spend and save it. Usually it has been seen the material needs of people exceed the income. Don’t make such mistake like don’t opt for buying a luxury car or get into enormous debt.

Non-certified financial expert

Many may claim to be the best in financial advice segment, but you should not simply take anyone’s advice. Always get the suggestion from certified professional as he or she will guide you to the right direction.

Bad reputation financial professional

Even though certification is important, but you should also check the reputation of the financial professional before taking his or her advice for your finance and money management. Don’t get blinded by fancy titles and try to keep yourself away from scammers.

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