Formation Of State By PKK/PYD Not To Be Tolerated: Turkish President Erdogan

The role of Turkish president is to bring peace in the country, defeat terrorism and not to permit any formation of a state by the PYD/YPG terror group, said Recep Tayyyp Erdogan on Tuesday.

Following failed coup attempt in 2016 Turkey introduced emergency powers allowing the government to arrest tens of thousands of suspects who were linked with PKK, a Fetullah Terrorist Organization.

The PKK, has waged war against Turkey for past 33 years to establish a state in northern Syria. PKK/PYD is the Syrian affiliate of the PKK and it controls large swathes in northeast Syria along Turkish border and a small land around Afrin in the west.

President Erdogan added, “The most important feature of the state of emergency is to defeat terrorist organization and bury them.”

He continued saying that his responsibility as the head of state will only be fulfilled when his people from the southeast, east and Turkey achieve peace.

The president further said they have one state within 780,000 square kilometers, one land and also one flag, and anyone who attempts to divide these will be destroyed.

Erdogan said the Kurdish people will not allow formation of such state in northeast Syria as it will be an insult to them.

Reminding past history he said the country will do the same what it did in Judi, Tendurek, Qandil and Gabar. In recent time Turkey invaded Jarabulus, Ra, and al-Bab, and secured 2,000 square kilometers of land.