Federal Judges In Hawaii And Maryland Makes Trump’s Travel Ban Bumpy

Is it heated rhetoric about Islam by United States President Donald Trump? He has put a ban on six (now six instead of seven) Muslim-majority states again, in the second version of his executive order.

A federal judge in Hawaii has lately issued a nationwide order blocking the travel ban, dealing a blow to the White House and gesturing the president need to be accountable in court.

Similarly, a second federal judge in Maryland too has ruled against the president with a separate order forbidding the ban from going into effect.

In the first version of his executive order Trump faced such setback that ended in a courtroom fiasco and the travel ban was halted by a federal court in Seattle.

Even the new order seems a bit narrower with an effort to remove some of the most contentious elements, but Judge Derrick K. Watson of Federal District Court in Honolulu said it is to disfavor a particular religion.

Meanwhile, Trump has accused the judge of ruling for political reasons.

He said, “This ruling makes us look weak, which by the way we no longer are, believe me.”

The president added he may reissue the initial version of his executive order.

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