FBI Test Finds Airport Screening Vulnerable To Laptop Explosives

In recent FBI testing at airports it is learned screening could be missed for explosives planted in laptop computers. This prompted a broader ban by Trump administration lately on laptops and other such electronics in flights coming from some of African and Middle East countries.

Not authorized to comment publicly, one of the FBI officials said the testing has been underway for several months and it was prompted by the discovery of undisclosed materials’ fragments and it highlighted new techniques in making bombs that can evade the current screening methods at airports.

The Trump administration notified earlier this month ban of personal electronics to nine foreign airlines in Africa and Middle East.

The new order bans carrying personal electronics larger than cellphones in the cabins of about fifty direct flights daily to the United States indefinitely.

Further, greater security is needed at airports based on the inputs from intelligence department, said acting head of the Transportation Security Administration, Huban Gowadia, and secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, John Kelly.

The steps are necessary as well as proportional to the threat, said California Rep. Adam Schiff.

Schiff added, “The global aviation system remains a top target and proper security requires that we continually adapt our defenses.”