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        Encouraging Innovation Enhancement of Enterprises of Langfang City

        Time: 2008-05-14 12:43:13 Update: 2019-10-24 09:58:02 View: 9025

        Recently the winners of the Langfang Mayor Special Award of Science & Technology for this year have been announced, general manager SHI Zhanhua of our Huayuan Company and vice-general manager ZHAO Lei of XinAo MDT Technology Co., Ltd. as individuals, and Bohai Eco Tech Valley Co., Ltd. as a body corporate, being awarded the Mayor Special Award which is the highest honor of Langfang City regarding science technology improvement.

        This award represents the eagerness of Langfang City for introducing and fostering high-tech companies possessing innovative capacities, investment abilities and competing potentials, which can improve the core competitiveness of the City, acting as “an engine” to drive the sustainable development of the economy of the City, under the help of the municipal government by cultivating enterprises’ innovation capacity, introducing high-level Researching & Development institutes, pre-eminent qualified personnel and high-tech projects, and through the cooperation between companies and academics of colleges/ universities domestically and abroad.


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