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        LangfangHuayuan Mechanical & Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd.  (abbr. "Huayuan" or "HY") was established in 1993, located at Langfang Economic and Technological Development Zone, the core area of the corridor between Beijing and Tianjin. Huayuan is a comprehensive company integrating Research & Development, Manufacture & Assembly, and Engineering & Construction. The company was qualified as A-level specialized contractor of pipeline projects and endowed A-level certification of pressure pipeline installation, having anticipated many national major pipeline projects, providing a broad scope of services to many such areas as petroleum, chemical engineering, civil aviation and municipal administration, etc.

        Huayuan company is most competent in the Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) industry with its world leading HDD technologies. After the successful accomplishment of the Waidiao-Cezi Island pipeline construction in 2005, which was then known as the world-famous No. 1 HDD project due to the complicated geological structure, HuaYuan again in 2009, refreshed the world record of the length of the pipeline HDD crossing up to 3000m in the Yellow River project of the Zhengzhou-Tangyin product pipeline. In this project, the world’s first drill bit intersecting technology, invented by HuaYuan, was successfully applied for the first time.

        Huayuan company, one of the technology accreditation center of Hebei Province, is also known as the domestic strongest manufacturer of horizontal directional drilling(HDD) rigs and affiliated equipment. Every single project conducted by HY has used the HY series HDD rigs, steering systems and associated drilling equipment produced by ourselves. Based on years of engineering practice, the company has developed series of HDD rigs from HY-250 through HY-9800, among which, the HY-9800 Type Rig is the largest HDD drilling rig produced in the world up to now, with a pull-back force of up to 1000 tons.

        With 29 years of developing history, Huayuan company convinces us that "the enterprise’s progress is due to all staffs' progress; the enterprise’s success makes all staffs' success". Huayuan perseveres with the people-oriented maxim, respecting and ensuring every staff’s priorities, providing fair, just and harmonious working conditions and profession promotion anticipation, continuously enhancing all levels of working teams composed of talented staffs. Huayuan company has, and will continue developing, advancing and growing jointly with all the staffs.

        E-mail: hyhr@hycrossing.com (HR Department)  Tel: 0316-6080012-8099


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