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        Engineering Equipment R&D

        1. HYMGS GeoMagnetic Guidance System

        This HYMGS - Geo Magnetic Guidance System, is produced by Huayuan with excellent workmanship, using advanced sensing elements and other high-quality components, so that a reliable performance can always be expected from it. Based on years of experiences, Huayuan has also developed several kinds of operational softeware exclusively for it, which can ensure its working accuracy and its easy operation. This system has been kept updating since it was introduced into actual utilization in various projects, so until now it is still capable of competing with most advanced guiding systems produced by other companies in the world.

        2. Drill-bits Handshake Intersection

        The drill-bit locating system exclusively invented for drill-bits handshake intersection in soft strata, the workable interval of the two opposite drill-bits which are to intersect, can be as far as 20 meters.

        3. GPS Tracking Surveying Instrument (Mag-Target Location)

        The utmost surveying depth of this GPS Tracking Instrument is 60 meters, which can be immersed in water, and the surveying accuracy of depth is ±0.5 m, positioning accuracy is less than 2 m. the GPS Spatial Coordinate System of the crossing route alignment is established relatively against the entry point and the daylight point. The GPS Drill-bit Tracking & Surveying Instrument can emit magnetic signals, and the probe mounted behind the drill-bit can receive these signals, then the relevant position of the drill bit can be calculated against the GPS positioning reference point, thus the spatial coordinates of the drill-bit can be ascertained.

        4. Power Reamer

        Power Reamer, as a new type of HDD downhole tool, was independently developed by Huayuan company. Similar as the mud motor’s working principle, the power reamer can convert the flow pressure of the drilling fluid (mud) to the momentum exerted on the cutting cones of the reamer, thus drilling mud is used as power to drive cutting and reaming the borehole. Compared with traditional reaming technique, this power reamer can increase more than 3 times productivity of borehole enlarging. Moreover, the walls of the borehole enlarged by this power reamer shall be more smooth, decreasing abrasiveness to the pipeline coating. When power reamer is used, the drill rods will rarely be needed to continuously rotate, decreasing the abrasiveness to the drill rods too. The lengthened using life of each drill rod will be anticipated because of deduction of fatigue stress due to rare rotation of the drill rod. The security of the borehole reaming operation can be largely ensured.

        5. Pipeline Thrusting Device (500 T)

        When long string of pipeline with large diameter, is pulled into the borehole in sand formation, the dragging resistance is usually strangely higher than the capability of the pulling rig, at this time, our pipeline thrusting device can be used at the opposite end of the pulling site to assist pushing it into the borehole.By now, Huayuan self-developed HY-500T pipeline thrusting devices have already been successfully used in the projects of Liao River HDD Crossing for Qinhuangdao-Shenyang Pipeline, and the Yellow River HDD Crossing for Boai-Zhengzhou-Xuedian Gas Pipeline.


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