Typical HDD Projects

Shenyang-Fushun Gongjiagou HDD Crossing May. 2013

Time: 2018-09-15 11:40:41 View: 6454

The project construction site located at Gongjiagou of Fushun City with a total D219×8.0mm pipeline length 1240.3m, entrance angle 10°, exit angle 9°, crossing horizontal angle 43.4°altogether, crossing depth 21M and curvature radius 550M. The pipeline crossing route was set to be adjacent to the curving Ji-Shen Motorway and a factory (Gongjiagou Village Floor Factory ) on both sides, it was difficult to avoid their roadbed and foundation by a regular HDD crossing. Meanwhile, the 53MM form insulation layer on the pipeline, which was easy to be scratched and even peeled and the intermediary weathered granite with high hardness also challenged the team.

To avoid the roadbed and foundation, HY came up with a new solution instead of the traditional single horizontal and single vertical turnings, a 3-dimension HDD crossing with 5 angles. At the same time, a new Magnetic Target Locating System for a 3-dimension guidance developed by HY accompanied with the HY traditional steering system DX-1, were utilized in this project to ensure the designed crossing route.