Company Profile

Company Profile

Langfang Huayuan Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd.

Langfang Huayuan Mechanical and Electrical Engineering Co., Ltd. (abbr. “Huayuan”) founded in1993, is located in the Economic and Technological Development Zone of Langfang—— a City reputed as a Pearl along the Beijing-Tianjin Corridor. Huayuan is a comprehensive company concentrating on Scientific research & development, Machining & manufacturing, and Engineering construction. Since 1996, when entering the pressure pipeline construction industry, Huayuan has provided a broad scope of pipeline installation services for many areas like petroleum, chemical engineering, civil aviation, municipal administration, and electricity, etc., ranging over all the provinces in China except Tibetan. Huayuan has participated in many National Important Pipelines construction and has been widely praised in society.

Huayuan, as one of the high & new technology companies of China, and as one of the technological giants of Hebei Province, has established a Provincial Level Technological Center. Huayuan has obtained certifications of ISO9001 Quality System, ISO14000 Environmental System and ISO18000 Occupational Health and Safety system, etc.. Regarded as one of the Pioneers in the infrastructure industry with the strongest independent Research & Development capacity, Huayuan is not only capable of executing conventional engineering project as a professional contractor, but also expert at providing Clients with complete resolving schemes, including exclusive devices and highly customized construction technologies to deal with complex projects. It has for a long time been widely recognized that Huayuan possesses powerful abilities in dealing with and resolving superior difficulties for complicated projects.

Huayuan has developed and manufactured whole series of Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) rigs from HY-250 through HY-9800, among which, the HY-9800 type rig is one of the largest HDD rigs in the world up to now, with 1000 tons of pulling force.The HY series of mud-motor reamers and hole openers independently developed by Huayuan, have changed the conventional HDD construction technologies, and have enormously enlarged the scope of the application of the horizontal directional drilling methodologies. The DX type of down-hole-survey and positioning systems independently developed by Huayuan with absolute intellectual property rights, and the handshake intersecting drill bits developed based on Huayuan's down-hole-survey systems, have reached the top level in the HDD industry worldwide. Huayuan is one of the companies with comprehensive mastery of this kind of pilot hole intersecting technology.

In 2005, Huayuan successfully completed the Waidiao-Cezi Island Subsea HDD Pipeline Construction in Zhoushan, Zhejiang Province, China, which was then recognized as “the worldwide top-level HDD Crossing” by the global HDD industry with regard to the extreme construction difficulties of the project. SHI Zhanhua, as the Chairman and General Manager of Huayuan, for his prominent performance in the project, was awarded the prize of “the national top ten science & technology newsmakers of 2005 in the engineering area”, in the Great Hall of the People, along with astronomer heroes FEI Junlong and NIE Haisheng.

Persistence is the key to success! Relying on excellent technologies, Huayuan aimed at the international market; and in July 2015, as prospect EPC Contractor, Huayuan competed with the worldwide top-tier companies or their Joint-Ventures for the Project of the Hong Kong International Airport Aviation Fuel Pipelines Diversion Works, and finally succeeded defeating the competitors, with the remarkable proposals of complete engineering solutions which made very deep impressions on the Client. The twin new Aviation Fuel Pipelines Diversion Works of Hong Kong International Airport awarded to and successfully completed by Huayuan, contain the Longest HDD Crossings in the whole world by now, that is, 5.2km length of offshore HDD crossing for each of the twin parallel pipelines spaced with only 5 meters of separation, not to mention the narrow Launching and Receiving Sites due to the Airport restrictions and environmental limits of Hong Kong, which is deemed to be the Most Difficult HDD works in the world.

Never forget why you started, and your mission can be accomplished! Looking forward to future, and carrying forward the spirit of craftsman, Huayuan will under the guidance of the enterprise spirits of “Virtue, Devotion, Erudition and Persevering”, with the working style of “Efficiency, Discipline, Realism and Creativity”, continue to collaborate with persons of insight in all circles of the world to create new brilliance.