Copper Mug Will Not Poison Your Food: Study

You might be thinking, or rather believing, drinking Moscow Mules in copper mug could increase the chance of food poisoning, but this is not very true and the habit will not risk your health.

Spokesperson for the Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals, David Werning, said you will not die if you drink a Moscow Mule from a copper cup over the weekend.

Earlier, the Iowa’s Alcoholic Beverages Division released a bulletin with warning that copper should not come in contact with foods like fruit juice, vinegar, wine or other with pH below 6.0 and found in a traditional Moscow mule. It will make you sick.

Also, if believed to food guideline of Centers for Disease and Control (CDC), high levels of copper ingested in food may cause diarrhea, vomiting and nausea. A very high dose can also cause death.

Following the bulletin warning a universal guideline was issued for public restaurants and bars, and thereafter some sort of lining was used inside the copper cup.

Well, if considering chefs and mixologists in the industry they already knew how to avoid copper anyway as it altered the food flavor.

Realistically, now you can drink with copper mug if it was made in this century. So don’t worry and don’t get involved into the copper chaos.