Budget Cuts Forces UK Schools To Curtail On Chairs

Some of the schools in Britain are facing budget cuts and this has resulted with making children carrying their chairs around, selling advertising space and many more.

A study released lately reveals reductions have been faced by three out of four schools across United Kingdom and this is just the beginning of a bigger squeeze.

Association of Teachers and Lecturers (ATL) conducted a survey of 1,200 school staff and found teaching hours have been cut down too for A-level subjects like maths and this has resulted with less contact time by the pupils to the teacher.

Some problems were also seen in primary schools and it was found there was no money for chairs and hence children drag one around the school.

The most impacted areas were social needs provisions and English classes for foreign students.

Some of the schools even asked parents for money to overcome the crisis.

From 2018 the national funding formula (NFF) will kick off to move school cash to countryside more, but this has been criticized by many.

ATL’s general secretary Mary Bousted said, “Unless the government finds more money for schools and fast, today’s schoolchildren will have severely limited choices at school.”