British PM Theresa May To Meet Donald Trump In Spring

British Prime Minister Theresa May is learned to be meeting United States President-elect Donald Trump in Washington in the spring.

She will be holding office with Trump in his fire few months in office. Late last month she had sent her joint chiefs of staff to Washington and New on a secret mission. This mean the groundwork for her meet with US President is in progress.

It is reported Fiona Hill and Nick Timothy met senior aides to the Republican leader during fence-mending mission, a mission that is looked as part of building a relationship between the two countries.

During a recent phone discussion between May and Trump it was suggested by British PM to conduct meeting of key staff from both teams and the US President-elect is learned to have readily accepted it.

A source said, “We are pleased to have been able to make that happen and the Prime Minister looks forward to visiting the new president in the spring.”

During the US presidential election campaign Trump had said to be banning Muslims from entering the country and May, then as British Home Secretary, widely criticized the statement along with other leaders of European Union. Now she is trying to renegotiate Britain’s place in global affairs while the country is in process of withdrawing from EU bloc.