Britain To Start Campaign For Unencrypting WhatsApp?

The encrypted messages on WhatsApp and other messaging apps will completely be unacceptable, said United Kingdom Home Secretary Amber Rudd following the London Parliament attack last week that killed several including a police officer.

In 2015 the then prime minister David Cameron started a campaign against digital encryption after the Charlie Hebdo attacks in Paris.

The UK government has again renewed similar campaign saying services like WhatsApp should not provide a secret place for terrorists in communicating with one another.

Rudd added the intelligent services should have the ability to get into situations like encrypted WhatsApp.

In 2015 the US government too made similar complaints and demanded Apple to de-encrypt an iPhone device of a dead shooter.

Brazil government has meanwhile also blocked WhatsApp on several occasions alleging the tech companies have failed to cooperate with police investigations.

It is not yet known how the UK government would proceed in requesting to the tech companies or taking strict actions against them. More to this, a legal jurisdiction may also be needed to de-encrypt messages.

What will happen is just a guess. It is difficult to yet understand how Britain could force a US-based company to comply.

Later this week Rudd may meet representatives of tech companies.