Blue Brain Project Neuroscientists Recreates Digitally Part Of Rat’s Brain

More than eighty scientists under Blue Brain Project from across the world have shown positive result in the direction of stimulating human brain.

The neuroscientists claim to have successfully built a digital reconstruction of a section of a rat’s brain in computer and eventually seek to create the same for human brain.

Human Brain Project is a 10-year European research program investing more than $1 billion. The digital recreation of rat’s brain is a breakthrough for them, but it is still far from the goal.

Earlier great findings of Blue Brain Project include the insight into sleep, memory and neurological disorders.

In the new breakthrough the scientists created a stimulation of even less than a cubic millimeter of rat’s brain, one-third of cubic millimeter.

Henry Markram from the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne (EPFL) said they don’t and even can’t have to measure everything of the brain as it is a well-ordered structure and once they start understanding the order at microscopic level, they may be able to predict missing data.

Markram leads the Blue Brain Project. He adds further the reconstruction of brain is just a first draft and not a perfect digital replica of the biological tissue.

Details of the rat’s brain reconstruction and some of its accompanying data have been published in a public online portal to facilitate researchers to have access of it and also to make their own contributions.